Self-Printing Options - NCI Publications Locator

To print most items from your own printer, just look for the Print link.

Need more copies? You have several options for printing or purchasing your own copies of NCI publications.

On this page:

Print Individual Copies (PDF, original size)

  1. From your search results, click Print.
  2. The item opens in a new window or tab.
  3. Print as you would any PDF, using the Print icon or your Web browser's Print option.

Some items do not have the Print option. To print these publications, from your search results, click View, then look for your printing options in the Page Options box.

Print Contents & Covers (PDF, 8.5x11 inches)

What is Contents & Covers?

Contents & Covers is a way to print and assemble select patient education publications when you need them. Contents & Covers publications are formatted for easy copying on 8.5x11 inch paper.

  • Create more attractive photocopies.
  • Take control of your inventory.
  • Fill the gap between how many copies you need and how many you can order from NCI.

From the NCI Publications Locator homepage, click Contents & Covers under Collections to find publications currently available in this format.

How does Contents & Covers work?

Your organization can print both parts of the publication or order covers from NCI.

Print or order covers, print contents, and assemble your copies

To print both Contents & Covers

  1. From your search results, click the publication title to go to Publication Details.
  2. On the Publication Details page, look for the Contents & Covers section.
  3. Click the Print Contents link to print the 8.5x11 inch contents.
  4. Then, click Print Cover to print the 8.5x11 inch cover.

To order professionally printed covers in packs of 25 from NCI

  1. From your search results, click Order Covers.
  2. Add the cover to your cart.
  3. Reminders throughout the ordering process will guide you to download the Contents.

How can I get more information?

The Contents & Covers Fact Sheet (PDF) contains more information about this program.

Request Print Files

To have a printer in your area professionally print copies of NCI publications, you may need specially formatted print files (different from the PDF versions on our website). We can provide these print files for most of our publications.

How can I get started?

  • To request print files, e-mail Remember to include your organization's contact information and the name of the publication you want to print.